Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day to Day

Bloggers help! I am wanting to know how you teach Common Core Standards day to day. I see everyone's amazing cutesy thematic lessons for holidays, special occasions, and seasons. But, I was wondering what CCSS look like daily. You know like are you still using a phonics program? Is the basal completely gone? 
Being new to Kinder I have so many options but find myself going back to what was familiar. Is there anyone out there who is reading this blog that can help? 
Am I the only one still confused with CCSS? I hope I am being clear, I know TPT has lots of cute things, I have created some myself:). And Pinterest, wow! Lots of cute ideas. I am just wondering about the day to day happenings. I know that your classroom can be completely TPT and Pinterest filled, but how are you teaching the letter sounds not center activities but what does a letter activity look like with CCSS?
I am dying here and driving my hubs crazy! Imagine that!


Look What I found!

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This is short as I find more I will add them here!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

RTI Resource Binder

Hello y'all!Hello everyone I just wanted to show a simple binder that I put together. I have a ton of resources, tracking sheets, etc. So, today I decided to put them nicely in a binder. I use the file box for my RTI toolkit and will pull what I need from my RTI resource binder. It is not cutesy, but I hope it will be functional because using my file cabinet drives me crazy. I can never find what I am looking for. Hmmm. Next project? Maybe clean out the file cabinets. LOL!

I started with a huge 3 ring binder
Not cute now, but I can change that later:)
I used plain manila folders to divide the sections. I thought I could also maybe add sticky notes if needed on these.
I just love sheet protectors! They keep everything so clean and perfect! LOL

So, I have sections for Phonological Awareness, Phonics, HFW, and Fluency. Just thought I would share:) Have a nice night!