Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spelling Centers Freebies! 20 followers!

Last night I was working hard on finding things for my math centers, and well. I just found the cutest things for my spelling centers. Hmm. How did that happen? I think of it as a blessing. I can use more of everything anyways:)
So anyways... I found a Word Worth activity for word work, and I thought hmmm, this really goes with my whole behavior management. We can do this! So I grabbed the free Word Worth document that was posted on
(or you can get it here)and then created a spelling page recording sheet. Now, I am going to be honest- I have not tried this yet, but I think it's gonna work. Then I was like, what else can they do? So, I decided that they could count the number of letters and tally them. Pretty basic compared to the Word Worth, but still this will keep them engaged just a tad longer. So I created a recording sheet for that. I was on a roll! I found an awesome already made Secret Code Spelling! You can get it by visiting
Mrs. Gilchrist's Class. (I tried to grab her button, but it wouldn't let me:( )So, then you guessed it, I made my own recording sheet. I did try this today, and it was a huge hit! The kids worked hard and kept telling me, wow! spelling was fun today:) So, I am giving you all 3 recording sheets, to celebrate having 20 followers! Thank you all so much!
Spelling Tallies
 Fonts are by ccteachfirst.blogspot, and owl graphics are by Graphics From the Pond
Freebie Fridays

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Indicator 9

I am totally really in to working on my portfolio! I hope it lasts for 19 more indicators! Here is how I am documenting the use of Bloom's. Now, I do so much more than just this one small visual. But how oh how do I document everything? I needed a starting place and well. This was my first venture. I hope someone will chime in and give my nice friendly blog world criticism. I would rather hear from here first!

So this is the cover for indicator 9

And this is what it looks like when you turn the page :)

The pic doesn't show so I added it for you to see:)

This is just one example of how I use Bloom's questioning techniques in my class. This is for the story The Big Circle in our Reading Street. I know we are all using strategies and questions, but man oh man when it come to proving it! Wow. 'Nuff said! 
Good night all!


Hello everyone!
The Oklahoma Teach & Leader Effectiveness evaluation system does make provisions for teachers! Yay! It is not mandatory, just if you need  want to document how you are reaching the indicators, because you have worked so very hard at what you create in the classroom and are proud of it.

Ok, really. I need to get over it. This is just part of my growing. This is a good thing. Look at what it has inspired me to do. OK, I do feel better. This is going to be positive, even though I am up at 11:30 on fall break working on this. At least it will be done!
I went to wally world and got this cute little binder!
Then I created these cute little performance indicators cover pages (just like in college)
Now, I am adding artifacts and justification statements. Not sure if I need to justify. I am doing this online at as well. But, you know us teachers-we are trained to document! If you live in Oklahoma, and are paranoid like me interested. You can get them at My TPT store!
Have a great night!
I also, just figured how to add pics from my camera, give me time I am overworked! LOL!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have been Boo'd, and I am so excited!!!


 A few days ago one of my idols (Kathy) from First Grade a la Carte  posted on her blog about this fun linky party sponsored by Cynthia from the 2nd Grade Pad! So, I was thinking awwe! How fun. I sure hope next year I have enough blog friends to play. It looks so fun! Last night I did not have time to check out anything, so today when I signed on to start creeping on all my fellow bloggers--I was so happily surprised to see that  Mrs. Kim Ziliak from Literacy Sundae with Common Core on Top Boo'd me!
So I was saying I got Boo'd!
hubby: by who honey
me: my friend Kim Ziliak (remember I am in first grade we are friends as soon as we meet)
hubby: baby, I don't remember her. What happened? Why is she mad at you?
Well really I didn't bother explaining, I just said it's a good thing and he just zoned back into the rain delay ballgame. I love my hubby. But he just doesn't get it...
Meanwhile back at the ranch..
Literacy Sundae 
You just have to check out Kim's blog. She is just getting started but, wow she is amazing! Her room is amazing, and the sport's theme is amazing! I want to be in her class! 

I would love for you all to check out Debbie at
She is absolutely wonderful. I have one of her books and it is wonderful! I like the word "wonderful" tonight:)

 It was super hard to find any of my followers that has about the same number of followers as me, because I have been blessed with awesome blog friends that have several followers! So, I chose Evelyn from
First Grade Fairy Magic
and I have no followers with less than me, so I chose my newest follower who has an amazing blog, Heather
 The Wild Rumpus

Please check out these ladies, they are the sweetest and friendliest ladies. And they are my new friends. 
Good night All! Thanks so much for visiting!
Oh! And Congrats to
Photobucket on reaching 100 followers! She is hosting an awesome giveaway celebration!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Currently October

Last night after coming off my celebrity status ;) I liked with Currently. I did Farley's rule of 3. Yep, life is good. But, did I blog it and actually do the currently? NO! So...

My husband is amazing! I could never fall asleep during one of my Flip This House episodes and wake up knowing all the highlights. Nope not me, but he sleeps the entire game and somehow knows all the stats and can wake up instantly if something "happens". Wish this works when I am telling him all about my day, or about my conversations.
I had the most awesome day at school today! My children where wonderful, they are so precious! We had a field trip 30 miles to and from, and we packed our library books and word rings and were off. They read and practiced HFW all the way there and back. 
I want to be a better teacher. Who doesn't? I wish I could be fun and bubbly all day. I really envy all of you who are. Like really... I would even take a pill if it would give me bubblyness.
Today was day 2 of my workout. I really want a hot caramel Sundae (notice I misspelled it in the pic and am too lazy tired to fix it).
Secretary well check out the typo it sums it all up
Book thingy.. I really want to read more. I think about it. I spend a lot of time reading those awesome children's books and thinking of ways to inspire my kiddos, so who has time to read a grown up book?
That's all folks!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I am so excited!! I made my first sale on TPT! Now, this wasn't one of those "I can quit my day job" type things, but man was it uplifting!
So, I have been saying things like-how can I make my store better, and what should I upload tonight, what would they like... yes this kind of celebrity thing  goes right to my head. Ok, my hubby and daughter said, "Why do you keep calling it a store? and how much did you make?" Screech  Pause in happy dance.
Me, proudly: It is my teachers pay teachers store
them: a store is like WalMart
Me: Ok
Them: How much did you make?
Me: I made the item for my classroom and have used it numerous times..
Them: how much?
Me: Like I said I have used it numerous times, and someone thought enough of my work to pay a dollar for it.
Them: ROFL seriously, they were.

They were nice later, but you know what? I am still on cloud nine, because I really make things like that all the time, and am just now starting out. I am not Deanna Jump, even though I do dream about meeting her as we shop in our stores.
I have another thing to be happy about- I have 11 followers!! Yay me! How many people can say that they go to work and are greeted with smiles and hugs, and when they leave at the end of the day are given more hugs? And then come home and sign in to blogger and find a new friend? I am so happy!
Does anyone out there have advice on adding artifacts to the OK TLE? I feel like I really need to build my portfolio.
Good night everyone!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Give Aways

There are amazing giveaways going on! So I thought I would share there awesomeness here:)
1st check out this massive give away
The Wise Owl Massive Give away

Next 50 follower celebration with Lakeshore gift card,

Owl Inspire You

And at TBA 
TBA Gifts galore

If you find more let me know and I will update this post! Have a great night!
Found another one:)
Flying into First Grade

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Math Center Dice Activities

I have been so busy and really going crazy!! Cheerleading is so dramatic lively! I just added my Dice math activities to TPT I hope you will check them out! The First 2 people to leave a comment and an email will get them free!
Funny story: One of my sweet and dear coworkers was rushing to me with something to tell me
Her: did you see on MSN where that teacher has made thousands of dollars on TPT? It made me think of you :)

Me: No, I didn't see that but wow! Thank you!

In my head: Think of me?? I just started, you are so sweet! I am still in the stick figure stage!

Fun Dice Math
Anyway, for those of you who like stick figures please check it out and let me know what you think:)

Also, for any of you who use the french fry words here is a freebie for cvc words! Hope you like it!
I was going to add pics of my kids using this activity, but then days turned to weeks, and I really wanted to share it with you before the school year was over. I use yellow craft sticks and sponges and have vowels on some and consonants on the other. Have a great night!
French Fry Words