Thursday, September 13, 2012

Parent Conference and Freebie!

It has been such a busy time for me! As I mentioned before, my district uses Dibels, and I am not liking it. So, I have been super busy testing with Literacy First on top of trying to teach 23 super active kiddos!
This year I have a very low class, with only 4 of 23 ready to begin first grade curriculum, so I should see huge gains this year! I love seeing these children grow and blossom! I feel up to the challenge, but you all know it is very draining and frustrating at times. I am trying to look at the gains. I need these little guys to be more than ready for 2nd grade, I really want them to be successful!

Well, I am preparing for our first parent/teacher conference and feeling like how can I get these parents support? Let me tell you this is a big deal! I am not from this small town, and everything I do is really a new concept for most of these parents. Now, don't get me wrong, I have been blessed with some very supportive parents. I am just a people pleaser. I can't help it. I know it is not good. I say, "I don't care what so and so thinks" but I do. I am doomed for a life of disappointment, I know.
Ok, did I mention that I also ramble? It's very  annoying for some. Here is what I have came up with for my parent conference. You can get it at my TPT store!

First Grade Parent Conference Form
And I wanted to give you a freebie! I have been using this all week and it is working out so good! I hope you enjoy this, and can use it in your math/number of the day section.

Number of the Day

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Thanks so much to Kelly @ Owl Inspire You for showing me how to finally add the currently! I didn't do it exactly right but I tried! I am so tired. I have to quickly visit my new followers, and check out

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can't say No!

So, i have a not so funny story. My husband and I just started working at a rural school. He is my principal. One day this summer, after meeting several teachers, I was babbling nonstop about how nice they were. I was giving him every detail of ever conversation, he was listening intently  watching ESPN. The next day, after the board meeting, he tells me how he hoped it was ok that he mentioned to the Superintendent that one of the teachers told me they wanted to be the Cheer Sponsor. WHAT???? That conversation never happened The conversation went like this:

me: my daughter is interested in cheer-leading, who is the Sponsor
her: we don't have one, you should do it!
me: I know nothing about cheer-leading! You look super athletic, have you done it? heart was racing! Why did he want to sabotage me?  he say that? So, I cleared it up and my dear hubby was supposed to fix everything. When 2 weeks later:::

another teacher: I heard mrs. her was going to be cheer sponsor
me: really? I didn't think she wanted it
another teacher: well, your husband told the Superintendent she did. He is asking her today.

SERIOUSLY! So I grab the phone and call dear hubby...

dear hubby: Oops. I forgot

So, that is how I volunteered  became the cheer sponsor.

And I am in way over my head!

My head is spinning, I need sleep! I might delete this later. I tried to join a linky, but don't know how (sob). Maybe some one will see my link and post a reply. Hard day. Good night!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blog Button, TBA and Freebies

I am up way too late and very tired!!! I used to create a simple image, and then was saved by Code Generator! I love my button! Maybe because it was way to simple!! Anyways, it has been a long day. I am still fighting this sinus infection and today my oldest daughter and granddaughter moved back home (temporarily). I am calling it a night! Good night!

Such an amazing day! I have 2 awesome people following me, found a great book here:
and stumbled upon the most amazing freebies from The fabulous first grade! She has an amazing Sweet Sight Words, Calendar Journals, and Back to School Literacy Work Stations!

And I joined TBA and am trying like crazy to link up! I get the updates and man are they wonderful! I learn so much everyday!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Join this blog hop and don't forget to subscribe to me:) I totally messed up and submitted my blog url instead of my pinterest one and I don't have any idea how to change it. so I am sure everyone is going to think I am crazy!!!