Sunday, December 7, 2014

Multiplication Math Facts

It's me again Margaret! I have finally had time to get on here and do something! I have had so much going on but finally I have help! I just love my new partner teacher!
I have had to teach  a new grade in a new building since September, all by myself and try to cover 2 classes. It just didn't work guys. I was in over my head and drowning! I have had almost 7 weeks with a partner now and am starting to realize there is still life out here!!
So, my new teaching partner (TP) is professional, smart, and a big blessing to me! I will not share her so don't try and steal her! LOL

I have a confession. I have not started multiplication drills with my kiddos and am just getting started so we, yes my TP and I, have looked all over Pinterest and TPT for help. I found many wonderful things, but not exactly what I was looking for. So, I quickly created a something I will try and wanted to share it with anyone interested. It is completely editable so feel free to edit away!

Math Fact Log