Sunday, September 2, 2012

Join this blog hop and don't forget to subscribe to me:) I totally messed up and submitted my blog url instead of my pinterest one and I don't have any idea how to change it. so I am sure everyone is going to think I am crazy!!!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the Directory! I will delete your oopsie link. Start over and add your Pinterest account and all will be well! Take a look!! I am your first follower! And by the way, I am wild about your button. I have the crazies for daisies. I know how thrilled I am to get one more thing 'done' around my blog. KUDOS.

    Now just one friendly suggestion. (Teeheehee) get your follow-me-at-Pinterest button added right near the top. You'll be amazed at how many folks will click thru to P. It's in their help section under Goodies. It's an easy cut and paste.

    ALL the BEST.
    Welcome to Blogging!

    1. OOPS. Forgot to sign my name..........
      happens to the best of us.


    2. Thank you so much! You are wonderful! I appreciate your advice and will get right on it! Thank you for being my first follower!! I think you will be my honorary follower, and if I ever do something clever you shall always get it free! LOL!