Sunday, November 11, 2012

Election Day, Literacy First Freebie

Hi everyone! I was gone at a STAR meeting on Tuesday, so my kiddos had to wait for my return to vote. we had an awesome time! I used the book Duck for President by Doreen Cronin and an awesome packet that I purchased from
You have to check her out she is amazing! Here are a few pics of my kiddos and the rest of elementary. Yes, we invited K-6 and they came! We then announced the winner the next day during Rise and Shine. It was so much fun.

Now, don't laugh too hard at my ceilings, or dungeon like classroom. It is very old  historic, and crammed full of common core curriculum, and I am learning how to make the best of it!
Character Traits
Awesome graphs from packet!

2nd Grade
Our booths
Kindergarten Voted

Are you still reading? LOL! I also have been working on sight word cards for Literacy First List A and B. I am at a Dibels school, but Dibels doesn't teach sight words, and I love Lit.First. So, I made the I have___, who has___?cards. Anyone out there teach Literacy first and need List A and B? If so visit my store and get them! And as always, the first 2 to comment and leave their email can have them for free! 
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  1. So cool how you got everyone involved! :) I know they really learned something from the experience.