Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sight Word Strategies Linky

Hello everyone! I know I already posted about my new sight words game, but then I came across this awesome linky party. And well, since I am always a day late...I just re-posted. Is this against blogging rules? I am not wanting to be turned in to the blogger police, or have any instructional criticism. LOL!
Did I ever tell you I ramble? Meanwhile back at the linky...

Teacher to the Core
I introduce 5 new words every week. I have index card cut in half and hole punched. Each child gets 5 cards. We write our new words together and place them on a ring. Each child has their own set. Oh, I forgot we number these cards, and during random times carefully planned times, I say get out your word rings and I call out a number. The students race to find that number and the first one that finds the number stands up. I call on the student who must read the word correctly. The kids love this. This is just one of the many things I do with our sight word rings.Here is a glimplse of the sight words "I have. Who has?" game I have at my store.

Ok, that's all folks!
Don't forget to check out Teacher to the Core! Have a great night!


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  5. HI! Thank you for joining my linky party! You are not late! I love your "I have. Who has?" It is so cute!

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