Thursday, October 11, 2012

Currently October

Last night after coming off my celebrity status ;) I liked with Currently. I did Farley's rule of 3. Yep, life is good. But, did I blog it and actually do the currently? NO! So...

My husband is amazing! I could never fall asleep during one of my Flip This House episodes and wake up knowing all the highlights. Nope not me, but he sleeps the entire game and somehow knows all the stats and can wake up instantly if something "happens". Wish this works when I am telling him all about my day, or about my conversations.
I had the most awesome day at school today! My children where wonderful, they are so precious! We had a field trip 30 miles to and from, and we packed our library books and word rings and were off. They read and practiced HFW all the way there and back. 
I want to be a better teacher. Who doesn't? I wish I could be fun and bubbly all day. I really envy all of you who are. Like really... I would even take a pill if it would give me bubblyness.
Today was day 2 of my workout. I really want a hot caramel Sundae (notice I misspelled it in the pic and am too lazy tired to fix it).
Secretary well check out the typo it sums it all up
Book thingy.. I really want to read more. I think about it. I spend a lot of time reading those awesome children's books and thinking of ways to inspire my kiddos, so who has time to read a grown up book?
That's all folks!


  1. Hi Stephanie!
    I found you via Farley's Rule of 3 and am now following your blog! I'm in need of a personal secretary too! One who will clean would be great! :) I totally agree with you on finding time to read a grown up book! I have a stack that I didn't finish over the summer...maybe Christmas break??
    Cute blog! Can't wait to explore it more!

    A Pirates Life for Us

  2. You have just been BOO-ed!! Check out my blog to link up! Send me your email for a FREE gift (I couldn't find it)!


  3. You've been BOO-ed!!! Check out my blog to link up!


    1. I am so super excited! Thank you so much for thinking of me:)

  4. A personal secretary! Oh my... who couldn't use one of those! I'm thinking a bowl of ice cream sound really good about now...with some hot fudge & pecans. I better not though, it's way past my bedtime.