Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I am so excited!! I made my first sale on TPT! Now, this wasn't one of those "I can quit my day job" type things, but man was it uplifting!
So, I have been saying things like-how can I make my store better, and what should I upload tonight, what would they like... yes this kind of celebrity thing  goes right to my head. Ok, my hubby and daughter said, "Why do you keep calling it a store? and how much did you make?" Screech  Pause in happy dance.
Me, proudly: It is my teachers pay teachers store
them: a store is like WalMart
Me: Ok
Them: How much did you make?
Me: I made the item for my classroom and have used it numerous times..
Them: how much?
Me: Like I said I have used it numerous times, and someone thought enough of my work to pay a dollar for it.
Them: ROFL seriously, they were.

They were nice later, but you know what? I am still on cloud nine, because I really make things like that all the time, and am just now starting out. I am not Deanna Jump, even though I do dream about meeting her as we shop in our stores.
I have another thing to be happy about- I have 11 followers!! Yay me! How many people can say that they go to work and are greeted with smiles and hugs, and when they leave at the end of the day are given more hugs? And then come home and sign in to blogger and find a new friend? I am so happy!
Does anyone out there have advice on adding artifacts to the OK TLE? I feel like I really need to build my portfolio.
Good night everyone!


  1. I felt the same way when I made my first TPT sale!! I'm your newest follower! Sorry about your observation. I taught K for several years!

    Have a great day!

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    1. You've been BOO-ed! Check out my blog to link up!


    2. You've been Boo-ed! Check out my blog to link up!


  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Congrats on you TPT sale!! It is only something that a fellow teacher can appreciate!! You had me cracking up when they found out your sale was $1! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!! I am your newest follower.
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  3. Hi Stephanie--I'm a newbie at this as well, so I can relate to being excited about $1. I was even excited when someone downloaded my freebie--still am :) Love your blog--you have a new follower in me!