Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hello everyone!
The Oklahoma Teach & Leader Effectiveness evaluation system does make provisions for teachers! Yay! It is not mandatory, just if you need  want to document how you are reaching the indicators, because you have worked so very hard at what you create in the classroom and are proud of it.

Ok, really. I need to get over it. This is just part of my growing. This is a good thing. Look at what it has inspired me to do. OK, I do feel better. This is going to be positive, even though I am up at 11:30 on fall break working on this. At least it will be done!
I went to wally world and got this cute little binder!
Then I created these cute little performance indicators cover pages (just like in college)
Now, I am adding artifacts and justification statements. Not sure if I need to justify. I am doing this online at as well. But, you know us teachers-we are trained to document! If you live in Oklahoma, and are paranoid like me interested. You can get them at My TPT store!
Have a great night!
I also, just figured how to add pics from my camera, give me time I am overworked! LOL!

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