Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have been Boo'd, and I am so excited!!!


 A few days ago one of my idols (Kathy) from First Grade a la Carte  posted on her blog about this fun linky party sponsored by Cynthia from the 2nd Grade Pad! So, I was thinking awwe! How fun. I sure hope next year I have enough blog friends to play. It looks so fun! Last night I did not have time to check out anything, so today when I signed on to start creeping on all my fellow bloggers--I was so happily surprised to see that  Mrs. Kim Ziliak from Literacy Sundae with Common Core on Top Boo'd me!
So I was saying I got Boo'd!
hubby: by who honey
me: my friend Kim Ziliak (remember I am in first grade we are friends as soon as we meet)
hubby: baby, I don't remember her. What happened? Why is she mad at you?
Well really I didn't bother explaining, I just said it's a good thing and he just zoned back into the rain delay ballgame. I love my hubby. But he just doesn't get it...
Meanwhile back at the ranch..
Literacy Sundae 
You just have to check out Kim's blog. She is just getting started but, wow she is amazing! Her room is amazing, and the sport's theme is amazing! I want to be in her class! 

I would love for you all to check out Debbie at
She is absolutely wonderful. I have one of her books and it is wonderful! I like the word "wonderful" tonight:)

 It was super hard to find any of my followers that has about the same number of followers as me, because I have been blessed with awesome blog friends that have several followers! So, I chose Evelyn from
First Grade Fairy Magic
and I have no followers with less than me, so I chose my newest follower who has an amazing blog, Heather
 The Wild Rumpus

Please check out these ladies, they are the sweetest and friendliest ladies. And they are my new friends. 
Good night All! Thanks so much for visiting!
Oh! And Congrats to
Photobucket on reaching 100 followers! She is hosting an awesome giveaway celebration!

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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, you can pin the idea. I'm following you also. There are several other Okie blogs, I teach in OKC.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher