Thursday, August 16, 2012

Busy!! CCSS and OKPASS

I have been super busy working on making a checklist for CCSS and OKPASS. I am exhausted, but so happy! I have to really change my lesson plan format, and I am sooo accustomed to the little boxes. I don't have the whole idea yet, but I have to add written CCSS/PASS, BLOOM's, Differentiated, and Challenge Ticket. I teach that way, and have them incorporated in, but have to have them in their own place, so the boss can clearly see them. I am not sure how its going to work, for all of us elementary, but I am willing to try! Here's the checklist in Word so you can change it!
Math CCSS and OKPASS  CCSS/OKPASS Reading  I love sharing, and have just begun! You are free to use and change them, but a little credit would be so appreciated!

I have changed the Math hope you like it!


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