Monday, August 13, 2012


Well school is off and running! I have 24 fabulous kiddos! I am not sure how my "no cubby" thing is going, but it's working good enough for now...

So I will now be testing Dibels, and have never trained or used this before. I am very scared about the whole thing. Maybe I shouldn't be. I have decided to make a list of my fears concerning Dibels.
1 Everything is timed!
2 It doesn't seem to break down the testing area small enough (as compared to Literacy First)
   One example is LF does not mix Uppercase and lowercase when testing so you can discriminate    
   where the child is having the most problems
3 I have no idea how to run interventions for such a broad test

OK, well in my prior experience, I used Literacy First. I absolutely love it. It was not just tested and placed on the shelf, but was a whole teaching cycle! The school I worked at previously, was a RTI pilot school and had designed an intervention to go with every Literacy First skill. Student information was recorded and based on an established standard of how well they did on the test to determine Reading Sufficiency. The interventions work. I saw so much growth in my children, and I want to pass that on to these kiddos too.

I hope that as I use Dibels, my fears will turn out to be nothing, and I will see that Dibels is just as good. I will add more as I discover more and hopefully find others out there who love Dibels and can lead me to success!

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