Monday, August 6, 2012


Welcome to my first ever blog! I am very excited to get this going! I can't wait to share my ideas and interact with others who share the same passion.
I am working on using money as a behavior management tool and adapting it to CCSS. This was inspired by Kathy's First Grade a la Carte: She is totally awesome and I thank her so much for all of her great ideas! I implemented her wonderful idea the last nine weeks of school and it worked wonderfully, so here is my attempt to adapt this to use all year. I am not sure how well this will work, but hey I have a blog now to share:) LOL!

So my plan is to start simple and have them counting to 120 using pennies. We will covert to nickels and dimes which will incorporate bundling and so forth. I am still working on this, it is definetely a work in progress. I so wish you all could just see the way it works inside my head! I promise to get better at descriptions and links!!!

****I have added more of these, because my kiddos are getting good at adding! So I needed to add to these.  I used watercolor borders from Dancing Author. And  font by If interested click here.

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