Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Day

I am so excited about tomorrow- first day in a new school! I truly have the "jitters"! I am wanting to try something different than having cubbies for take home papers. I always use a bring/take folder, so I was thinking.... Why do I need cubbies? The cubbies I have now are the cardboard type. I have them sitting in the window, on the ledge (should've taken a picture, but will add that tomorrow) and I would like not to have them.
So, I am thinking students can just keep their bring/take folder inside their desks. I love having lots of space, I don't like to be crowded ;) I'm sure I would have to replace the folders every 9 weeks (at least). I don't know...any ideas anyone?

ok, I didn't take a pic, because I removed the cubbies from the window and love the view so much better!

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