Monday, August 20, 2012

More Whole Brain

I am loving Whole Brain Teaching, and I know that most of it is like duh...but I needed the extra ideas. I found these really cute posters at Learnalotwithmrsscott.   and Classroom-Rules-Poster-Whole-Brain-Teaching       and I created my own, using awesome Tpt.  I hope you like them! My WBT 5
My 5 Rules
My 5 Rules

I feel like my students are learning in a whole new way and that its actually taking me less time to teach! Sounds crazy, but it really is working! I am so excited at the way my students are grasping sentences, just by me adding motions and Teach-OK. I really am fired up about it.
I never had rules posted, because I come from a Great Expectations school, and I realize that the TLE (our teacher eval. tool) requires rules posted so I was happy to find the posters cute and ready!
I am having the most difficulty implementing Teach-OK. Everything else was a piece of cake! Teach-Ok is great and effective, but man oh man, it's a booger to get down. i know that it's going to be well worth it, and I can see benefits. I have only really tried this at Math Meeting. I have 24 students, so I seated them in 4 rows of 6, and assigned their spots to keep their partners. I labeled one peanut butter, the next jelly, the next jelly and the last peanut butter. I have the peanut butters teach the jellies and vise versa.  That's all the easy part. My class had the hardest time understanding after they clap to actually turn and "teach".  I would keep reminding them ok, are you a jelly? "yes" ok teach this pb. "ok" then they just smile at me. What am I doing wrong? So, I model with the 2 students who "got" it. Now, I will say it's getting better, but we still need practice.
The "Class yes" is the easiest and fastest tool, of all. The students love it! I love making weird voices to say class, probably as much as the kids love answering me.

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